Yesterday, I went through with breast augmentation surgery. I want to share my experience as thoroughly as I can with you guys, and I will also be sharing (password protected) photos with some of my followers in about a month.

I’m having trouble writing this, so I’ll do another post and an FAQ in about a week as well.

First off let me just start out by saying. OH.MY.GOD. IT IS PAINFUL. Unlike my nose job which was just uncomfortable this was painful.


After two pregnancies and breastfeeding almost back to back my breats had taken a bit of a hit. They weren’t saggy by any means they had just lost their fullness and shrunk back to a barely B cup. I did t for me. For my own personal feelings. For my own self esteem. I feel more feminine personally having breasts.

Breastfeeding boobs
My breastfeeding boobs!
Breastfeeding young mother
Me breastfeeding Nolan…
Breasts after breastfeeding
After breastfeeding…

I scheduled my consultation at the end of February, and after debating it for a couple of months I scheduled the appointment with Dr.Coscia (Joseph Rudet Coscia) at The Plastic Surgery Center in Sacramento, CA. For those who don’t know are are just reading this Dr.Coscia is the same cosmetic surgeon who performed my rhinoplasty. I was beyond happy with my results and after viewing some patient photos on his website and then having a consultation I decided he would be the surgeon I would trust to do the job.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a board certified plastic surgeon within the United States. You can do so here at the website. PLASTIC SURGERY IS NOT A GAME. IT IS NOT THE TIME TO BE BARGAIN HUNTING. When it comes to your life it is priceless, so do your research. When looking for a surgeon: find someone who you communicate well with and like, who has patient photos available on a well built website, whose office is clean and friendly, and of course whose board certified.

Also make sure you are a healthy candidate too before going through with an elective surgery. I have no health issues other than chronic migraines and I’m a non smoker so I felt better about doing general anesthesia.


Ten days prior to surgery you can’t take any aspirin, or other medications that your surgeon will give you a list of.

Typically a week or two before your scheduled surgery you’ll see your surgeon again and try on sizers with a bra. Keep in mind that the sizers are just an estimate. We decided on 325cc. The day before surgery I emailed my surgeon some before and after photos of women with similar body types to mine from Mentor’s website.

After 12 A.M you can’t eat or drink anything which sucks because I was starving on the morning of my surgery and I had a headache.

Before breast surgery
At home an hour before we left with my babies💕

My surgery was scheduled for 9:30 A.M, but I was told to arrive at 8:30 A.M. We arrived right on time to The Plastic Surgery Center in Sacramento. They are an accredited facility. They have the surgeons offices on the first floor and on the second floor they have the operating rooms and skincare and laser center. Their facility is really clean and well organized. All the nurses were soooo incredibly nice too and made me feel very comfortable!

I always remember watching the TYRA BANKS SHOW back when I was 12, and I’ll never forget the show where they showcased a woman who went to Tijuana, Mexico for a tummy tuck. She said the room was dimly lit, there were roaches on the floor, the doctor operated without anesthesia, and she ended up botched and scarred for life. It was just horrifying. Anyways, I knew I was in good hands at The Plastic Surgery Center and if anything were to happen the staff and the surgeons are on top of their game.

I had to say bye to David at the entrance and got into the bathroom where they have lockers where you change and lock your stuff in. A little TMI, but I was on my menstrual cycle which was NOT an issue.

Breast Augmentation

I got into the Post Op room where I sat on a bed and the nurse gave me an IV. Shortly afterward Dr.Coscia came in and marked me up. Afterwards I ended up waiting about another 1 and a half because the surgery room where my surgery was to take place was being occupied and they were running behind.

When 10 A.M rolled around the nurse came in and helped me get up and into the operating room. I laid down with a blanket over me and the antehsiologosist came in and talked to me. He was pleasant and really put me at ease. I’ve NEVER had general anesthesia before, so I was nervous.

The nurse then came in and injected me with a needle. She called it a “cocktail” kind of like a margarita. I don’t know why, but I giggled like hell. Next thing I knew I was out! And you know the weirdest thing is I’ve heard you don’t dream, but I did. I had an extremely vivid dream.

When I woke up in the recovery room the first thing I did was cry. I was happy because I knew surgery went well but also because I was in pain. Honestly on a scale of 1-10. My pain was a full 10. The nurse came over and wiped my tears and gave me some pain medicine in my IV. Another nurse kindly came over and game me water an a warm heat blanket because I was shivering cold. I felt much better and the pain eased a bit.

Regarding the general anesthesia: SHOCKINGLY I DID NOT get a sore throat nor did I get nauseated (I was given zofran which helps combat nausea and vomiting). The women in the room next to me recovering I heard complaining of a sore throat (the tube they put in while your under I heard can irritate your throat). I also remember the Dr telling her not to smoke for 30 days or her Nipple would die and fall off. He was not joking either.

It was about noon when I woke up and at 12:45 David arrived, and I was wheeled out in a wheelchair to our car. By then I was fully aware and awake.


The recovery process has been rough! I saw the Dr. again this morning he said everything looked fine. My right breast is slightly more swollen than my left. And my left has a little bruise near my incision.

The pain is similar to the pain you get when you stop breastfeeding ala breast engorgement, but 10x times worse. Or when you work out your pectoral muscles, but 100x worse. I feel like an elephant is sitting in my chest. There’s a lot of pressure and tightness.

Breast Augmentation post op
A few hours after surgery

The weirdest thing is every now and then I’ll move a certain way, and I’ll feel the implants move and make like a gurgling sound. It’s so bizarre, but totally normal according to the Dr. It’s just a strange feeling.

The new boobs feel like they are indeed a part of me like an odd part though. It’s just going to take some getting used to. And I can’t wait until they start to settle and drop.

I honestly didn’t expect this much pain today the pain is an 8. I’ve had to take pain medication every 6 hours and an antibiotic as well. I was given the okay to shower tomorrow without my little bandages that are on my incisions. Sadly, I can’t take bathes for three weeks. 🙁

I can’t really move my arms too quickly hell I can hardly move them at all. Simple tasks like picking up my coffee cup hurt. I’m able to get up and use the bathroom, but at a snail pace. I move slowly and carefully trying to avoid using my arms or hands too much. It’s difficult to hug my children, but I let them sort of cuddle with me last night for a bit. We didn’t really cuddle I just let them lay in the bed with me since I hadn’t seen them all day. 🙁 They’ve been really good throughout this process they understand mommy got surgery and they need to careful.

It’s hella crazy, but you don’t realize how much you actually use and need those pectoral muscles. I’m currently wearing a post surgical bra that is honestly kind of annoying; however, I need to wear it for 6 weeks! No sports bras or any other kinds of bras, so we give my breasts enough time to settle!


I am a female. 5’10. 118 lbs. Dr.Coscia ended up giving me Mentor Silicone smooth round gel implants 350 cc’s. My implants went under the muscle. Inframmary incision (crease/fold of the breast). I was actually surprised at how small the incision is. I really hope my scars heal and fade well because you won’t even be able to tell! 

Regarding price since I’ve had soooo many women and men (yes, really) ask me about price…I will just say IT IS EXTREMELY TACKY TO ASK. If your genuinely interested I recommend you schedule a consultation(s) with surgeons in your local area. Google is your friend. is another great resource to find doctors in your area and get some cost estimates and read about other patients experiences!

Just because I’m being very transparent about my cosmetic surgeries doesn’t mean I don’t value my privacy. Most people who ask are just asking to be nosey because they want to know about my personal finances. Unless your name is David (my husband) then it’s none of your business. I have no problem telling certain people who have expressed genuine interest and whom I trust the cost of my surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is a very personal thing. It’s something I see a lot of women lie about. If someone asks me I don’t lie about it. I tell them I’ve had my nose and now my breasts. Nothing to be ashamed of.

I have a nice home and my kids are well taken care of. My priorities in check, so I can do what I want with my body that makes me happy just like you can. I don’t judge women who choose NOT to get cosmetic surgery, so I ask that you not judge me or other women who may want breasts, a mommy makeover, whatever cosmetic surgery, or whatever you do in life.

I’m really sick and tired of women tearing each other down. This is not a competition amongst women we should be a community and build each other up.

Lastly, I appreciate all the well wishes and nice comments that many of you have sent me.❤Also I apologize if this post is a little all over the place and for any spelling errors. I’m typing on my phone as it’s easier than typing on my computer. I tried to condense it as much as possible because I know some people have low attention spans. LOL.

Will update again on Thursday unless anything new or exciting happens!

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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