I’ll be 10 weeks post op tomorrow. I wish I had taken more before photos. I didn’t even think to take any with a bikini top. All the bikini tops I had had major padding in them. All the bras I owned were also push up bras. Word of advice to anyone undergoing cosmetic surgery take lots of before and after photos. I’ve taken plenty of after, but for some reason I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed to take photos of my breats in their au natural stage. I did a similar thing with my nose. I was embarrassed by it that I didn’t want to take photos of it, but thankfully David did it for me.

Here are some before and after pictures I took on my phone. I will write a FAQ next week. Unless something major like a complication happens, then I won’t really blog about it anymore. I’m really happy with they way they turned out and how amazingly soft and real they feel. 😀

I put a black box over the nipple because you know….It’s not perfect, so don’t think my nipples are lopsided. A quick note on my scars. They are only visible when I lift my breast up as you can see otherwise you don’t see them. I think it’ll take a full year or longer before I start seeing significant fading, but that doesn’t bother me. The scars feel very smooth. I was worried about getting keloid(s) because I’ve had that happened to my ears, but so far so good!

breast augmentation before and after photos
breast augmentation before and after photos
breast augmentation before and after
Left: BEFORE | Middle: 1 DAY POST OP | Right: 10 WEEKS POST OP.

I’ve been going braless or wearing bralettes which is fine since it’s summer. However, I can’t wait to wear underwire bras again (one more month). David keeps saying he can’t believe how real they feel, and I still can’t believe how amazing they look. IMO they fit my body perfectly. Dr.Coscia did an amazing job. Would highly recommend if you’re in the Northern CA region and are thinking about undergoing a breast augmentation or a rhinoplasty! 🙂


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