I’m going to try to make this post short and sweet and answer some breast augmentation faq I’ve received from some people. I try really hard to respond to everyone, but please don’t be offended if I don’t respond! If you want to get a hold of me the easiest way is usually Snapchat that’s the only social media I really am active and use on a daily basis. My contact form on my website is always open as well.

1.) What implant size did you choose and why?

Okay so before going into surgery you usually have a pre op appointment where you try what’s called sizers on. I decided between 300-325c initially. I would recommend not focusing on cup size but more CC size because bras are all made differently. Try to find photos of women with similar weight and height to you who have the results you would like. Upon showing my surgeon photos of what I looked he ultimately decided on 350 CC.

Keep in mind you’ll be swollen at first so don’t worry if at first you’re like OMG I’m huge.

Also when trying on sizers always go a little bigger especially if you’re tall and are going under the muscle. Your body will eat up those CC’s

2.) What implant did you choose and why?

350 CC Silicone Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round (under the muscle for the most natural results!) Incision in the crease of the breast.

I knew right away before even going to my initial consultation just based off my own research that I wanted silicone gel for several reasons. I was a small B so I didn’t have a whole lot of breast tissue to hide the saline well. Saline tends to ripple more and it’s also very heavy!! You can feel it. Watch the video below. It’s hilarious.You’ll notice when the men felt the gel implant they say it feels pretty close to a real boob.

Implants come textured and smooth. The tear drop ones are usually textured and that is so they hold their place because you don’t want them moving otherwise your breast will become distorted. If you want natural looking breasts go for the textured tear drop implants. If you want huge in your face water balloon implants then go for the saline. *Saline is the cheapest implant to buy. *Tear drop(shaped) implants will cost more than standard round implants.

3.) Was it expensive?

What’s expensive to you might not be to me or vice versa. If you’re curious about the price I suggest looking on realself.com to get an idea of what surgeons in your area charge. I also recommend going to a couple consultations because cost varies greatly. If I had gone to Beverly Hills it probably would’ve cost me twice as much where if I went to Tijuana Mexico it would cost me next to nothing.

4.) Who’s your surgeon?

Dr.Coscia at The Plastic Surgery Center. They have an office and outpatient center in Sacramento as well as a newly opened and beautiful office in Granite Bay, CA.

He did my rhinoplasty as well. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Please please please make sure that the dr you choose is board certified, and if you’re surgeon is not performing your surgery in a hospital that the facility is up to par in accreditations. YOU CAN VERIFY A PLASTIC SURGEON HERE https://www.abplasticsurgery.org/public/verify-certification/ModDefault.aspx?section=SurgeonSearch

In California you can be a Dr without specific training in plastic surgery and still technically perform plastic surgery. Scary article here on an OBGYN who was claiming to be a cosmetic surgeon in the Sacramento Area.

5.) Was it painful?

HELL YEA. 100x more painful than getting a rhinoplasty. My nose job was uncomfortable. My boob job well that was painful at least the first 4 days were hell.

Pain is subjective, though. I’m telling you as a mother of two who had two natural vaginal childbirths that ISH WAS PAINFUL. They came out beautiful, so it was worth it.

6.) How did you prepare?

I followed my surgeon’s orders to a tee! Stopped taking aspirin (and other medications that can cause clotting issues) 10 days prior to surgery. I bought arnica pills and cream as well as bromelain pills to aid with swelling. Ice packs (lots of them), post op bras, and OH you’ll get constipated, so buy a laxative. Meal prep for 3-4 days beforehand, so you have food and get the house cleaned were all things I did. I’m so glad I did because it helped with the stress of surgery.

7.) Is anesthesia scary?! I’m so scared!

GIRL ME TOO! I did my nose under IV sedation, so I was absolutely terrified of going under general anesthesia. I was petrified I’d be put out and would never wake back up. Truth is if you’re a non smoker and are relatively healthy the chances of that happening are so incredibly rare.

I paid the anesthesiologist separately from the surgeon’s fee. My anesthesiologist was very nice and helpful. Once I was in the surgery room we chatted for a bit and he explained everything to me. I just remember having him give me a shot and then giggling uncontrollably and the nurse laughing and saying, “You’re gonna feel like you had a couple of margaritas.” I passed out even though I felt—drunk like a drunk that blacked out. Woke up crying in pain, but thank god no nausea. Make sure you tell the anesthesiologist if you get nauseated easily to give you some zofran!

7.) What size are you now?!

I’m a 32DD (VS/ Nordstrom 32d) 🙂 You have to measure yourself differently with implants and not the traditional way because when I first measured myself I came out to 32B still. I was puzzled. M ribcage is 27 inches so I’m tall but small framed. I attached a helpful guide below.

How to measure with implants!
Another helpful chart!

8.) How do they feel?

Jelly like. Soft and squishy. They bounce and move. they’re not like bolt on’s. My boobs still haven’t fully settled yet. I know they do have a fake look to them, but they feel very much real. If you want a very natural appearance I would say look into the tear drop implants! They’re not round they’re tear dropped shape so they mimic are natural breast appearance. Right now I love having the round look!

9.) Sex?!

I was told by my Dr. not to have sex for 6 weeks. I waited 5 weeks 6 days before having sex.

10.) Are you happy? Any regrets?

As they kind of start to settle I wished I had gone a little bigger, but then David told me you don’t want to always have your boobs on display there will be times when you’re in a professional setting and you need to cover up. The good thing with my size is I can play them up or down! No regrets. I’m happy. Actually wish I had done it in the winter and not the summer because this Summer has been a bit of a bummer having to be careful walking around and getting used to the new girls. 🙂

If you’re thinking about doing it my best advice is to do it for yourself and not because someone else wants you to do it. Do lot’s of research on implant types and styles. Knowledge is power. Don’t be afraid to ask plastic surgeons all of your most concerning questions. It’s your body and your life so be careful with who you trust to operate on you!

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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