This past Thursday marked 6 weeks since my BA. I feel as though time is going by extremely slow. My recovery has been pretty good overall. I still feel some tightness in my chest, but I’m extremely happy. No regrets whatsoever. I haven’t blogged much about my experience because I really haven’t had the time too. As promised I will share before and after (graphic photos) in a private post in a couple of weeks.

I love they way they look and feel. Dave says they feel a lot like natural breasts. Soft and squishy. The only way you’d know I had implants is because of the way they are currently sitting. Natural breasts have more of a teardrop or droopy appearance. I had round implants put in so of course they have a very round look to them. BUT I LOVE IT. I have natural kissing cleavage!!!

NO REFUND GAP HERE. I don’t need to wear a bra like ever again! 😀 Well except when working out. They jiggle just like natural breasts do. Actually I think now that they’re bigger they jiggle a bit more since before I didn’t have much to jiggle. I was actually surprised at how much natural bounce they have to them.


Their starting to “drop and fluff” as you can see from the photo in the rose bra they have more of a droop. I’ve been wearing sport bras and bralettes for now since I can’t wear underwire bras for 3 more months.

I don’t mean to come off as braggy even though I know I do (sorry not sorry), but I’m just beyond elated with the way my breasts turned out.  I paid a lot of money for them, so yes I’m going to be showing them off like a new toy I just bought PLUS it’s summer. I think they look fabulous and they feel great, so I could care less if you like them or think they look “fake”. 

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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