Yesterday marked my one week since getting my breast augmentation! It was a long and slow week for me. The first three days were rough by the fourth day it got a bit easier. You don’t realize how much you use your pectoral muscles in your every day to life. Simple tasks such as getting dressed and opening and closing doors became hard if not near impossible.

I’m feeling much better now, though. I can drive and do little tasks here and there. I can’t lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for 6 weeks, so I’m taking it really easy for now.

breast augmentation post op week1
Two Days Ago…

I have to wear a compression band now like the one you see I’m wearing with my black bra (the bra is a surgical support bra that I must wear for 6 weeks). The reason for the compression band is so that it pushes the implants to drop. They are still sitting pretty high on my chest so hopefully that helps. The reason for the surgical support bra is so that the implants don’t shift into a wacky position. I’m sleeping elevated still as well, which sucks. I want them to heal and settle well so I know in due time they’ll look great!

I paid a lot of money for these girls, so I’m following all my Dr’s instructions and advice to a T.

I still hear what I call a gurgling sound. It sounds like when your stomach is hungry and it grumbles a bit. I have that feeling and sensation only in my breasts. Every now and then I’ll get a stabbing sensation. It feels as though someone is picking at my incision with a needle over and over again. It’s not painful (it’s tolerable). It’s just a bizarre feeling. Dr says that’s normal, and it’s just the nerves regenerating.

My incision is still pretty fresh and not very pretty. The Dr says it looks fine and right on track with the healing process.

breast augmentation post op week 1
The incision on the right breast.

I’m taking weekly progress photos of my breasts and incision scar for the first 6 weeks (then I will post them into a before and after post) and after that once every month. I will then write a one year blog post with the monthly photos composed, so we can see how my implants have settled. 🙂

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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