Yes, it’s very possible. My mothers birthday was yesterday, and she turned 42!

She’s 42 and has a total of four children and two grand babies. Me being the eldest (20), my sister Vanessa (16), my other little sister Yajaira (11), and my little half-brother Josiah (6).

My mother got pregnant when she was 20 and had me by the time she was 21, so she was a young mother as well. The difference between her and me though, is she was married. She had a husband and a house first before getting pregnant. Unlike me lol I’m living life backwards, but that’s okay. I was 17 when I first got pregnant, and 18 when I had my daughter. My mother was only 39 years old and becoming a grandmother!

I’ve come to the realization that I could also very well become a grandmother in my thirties. I really pray to God that doesn’t happen, though. That’s probably one of a parents worse nightmare. I know my mom cried more than I did when she found out I was expecting. We made the best we could out of a difficult situation though, and I now know that she couldn’t imagine life without her beautiful grandkids.

I’m sure at first she felt like a failure. I’m sure some people reading this think well she is a failure because she let her teen daughter get pregnant. Well, she’s NOT. She’s a pretty awesome momma and mentor. She has no control over my actions and what I did/or have done. My wrong doings are not a reflection of her. I’m very grateful and thankful for her because she has always stuck by my side no matter what. When it came time to deliver both times she was there holding my hand during labor and helping me breathe through every contraction.

Once I became a mom myself my mother become one of my closest friends if not best friend. A lot of what I have learned about being a mother I have learned from this beautiful woman. She’s not only an amazing mother, but a grandmother as well.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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