Angie was 18 when she discovered she was pregnant for the first time with a baby girl, and 19 when she delivered. Shortly after she got pregnant again with a sweet baby boy. She is now 21 with two beautiful children. This is her story.

“Let me begin saying I was 18 when my whole life started. I had just finished high school and right away moved to Colorado in 2011 with my boyfriend. We lived there for 6 months then moved back to California in late October of  2011. Shortly after I found out I was expecting my first baby. I was only about 9 weeks when I found out, and I was super excited I mean what mother isn’t excited. My due date was August 13 2012. While my husband worked full time, I stayed at home. My pregnancy was a bit depressing because I always felt so alone. I lived in a different town as my family and my husband was always working either long mornings or long nights.

In April I found out was I was expecting a little girl! Super excited because there’s so many cute things for little girls. My whole pregnancy went really well (no morning sickness at all) [lucky].

August 13th came along and no baby. I went to my doctors appointment that day, and I was no where close to being due. A week went by and still no baby. I had to schedule to get induced.

August 22 I got induced. I was in labor all day. I finally had my baby girl Aaliyah Naomi on August 23rd at 12:54 A.M.  She was a healthy baby girl weighing 9 lbs 13 ounces (big baby).

IMG_20140814_225013 (1)

My boyfriend and I split up. I lived alone with my baby girl in our apartment. In November though my boyfriend and I started seeing each other again. Soon after I discovered  I was pregnant with my second baby. It was unexpected totally not planned, but things always happen for a reason. We then decided to move in together to start living right not only for us but for our babies. Months later I found out I was expecting a baby boy! Pregnancy went perfect no morning sickness or serious complications. My due date was set for August 20th.

I went over my due date again. On August 30th I started feeling contractions. Oh my lord do they hurt. I went to the hospital delivered my son the next morning. My baby boy  was born on August 31st weighing  9 lbs 11 ounces. My big baby boy. We named him Arnando.

My angel baby is was I call him, he’s gone through the most since he was born. We moved to Colorado in December before Christmas. It was very snowy and extremely cold which caused my son to get terribly sick. We had rushed my son to the hospital because he had a fever of 107.1 They had my son on an oxygen machine and a heart monitor. I was told he had a really bad virus that was caused due to the change of weather. The doctors were able to lower his fever and then they then told me that if I would have waited just a couple more minutes my son would have passed away.Thank God he made it. He spent a week in the hospital and then got discharged once he mad a full recovery.

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My little angel sent from heaven made it through.

We then decided to move back to California. I wasn’t having this Colorado weather anymore. We lived in California for a few months, but  moved back to Colorado again in  August 2014.  We’re currently here now. My son and my daughter are healthier than ever.

God blessed with an amazing full time (great paying) job at a Honda dealership. Life has been rough though,  having two babies is twice as hard at times. I’ve managed to pull through it all for my kids. I moved back here to Colorado for them to live better and because I knew I would make more money, so I could provide everything my kids need.

My daughter Aaliyah, is now 2 years old. She knows how to speak very well and has perfect conversations with you. She counts to 15 and is starting to learn her abc’s. She’s such a little diva.

My son Arnando, on the other hand is a very heart warming little guy. He’s full of joy, and melts everyone’s heart. He’s currently 1 yr old. He only knows how to say a couple words, but understands so much.”

“It beautiful being a mommy of two. As a young mama things do get hard, but nothing else should matter besides your baby. Even if its moving away from everything and everyone you love in order to live better you do it. Just to succeed. Everyone’s life is different. Being a young mama is hard, but I believe if you have faith anything and everything is possible. Your family whom you created will always come first. I believe in working and succeeding for my two babies. Where life and living is better I’m there.”

Thank you Angie for sharing your personal story with me 🙂

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