Today I was able to check into a trailer provided by Aly & Izy Foundation specifically for NICU families to stay in. I was extremely excited a few days ago to find out from my social worker that I was next on the waiting list. For those of you who don’t know what Aly & Izy is, it’s a non-profit foundation that caters and is dedicated to helping NICU families. They have special programs designed to help different needs ranging from Bed-rest and Bereavement to Care packages and Family Support.

Prior to the trailer I had received beautiful hand knitted beanies from them for André after he was born. I also received help from their NICU Family Support program. After reaching out to my social worker about the struggles of driving 100 miles a day she began to give me monthly gas cards that she receives to give out to far-away parents like me. The application and waiting process was quicker than expected, and very easy. My social worker filled out the application for me and I just signed and waited my turn.

Prior to checking in I met with a volunteer who had me sign a few more papers and then showed me around. The trailer is stocked with basic necessities such as linen, water bottles, toiletries, and even baby soap and a bottle cleaner for when I pump! The trailer is given to each family for ten days free of charge. Once the family is done the trailer is cleaned, restocked, and passed on to the next NICU family. I feel so at ease that I get to be so close to my son for a week and a half. I plan to donate to the foundation once my son is home so that I can help a NICU family in need. Donations may be dropped off or sent to their office location:

The Aly & Izy Foundation
7251 Galilee Rd. Ste. 135
Roseville, CA 95678

as well as done online:


Any and ALL donations make a difference. 5$ provides 2 care-packages for NICU families. 10$ provides a meal for a family. Their monthly NICU social event allows families to enjoy a free meal. 15$ provides a 3-day stay in the trailer, and 20$ provides a gas card.

Gift card donations may be sent to:

The Aly & Izy Foundation
P.O. Box 956
Lincoln, CA 95648

Other donations are kindly accepted such as:

Office supplies: paper, pens, envelopes.

Bedding, towels, wash cloths, plastic utensils, cleaning supplies, RV toilet paper.

Crafting supplies: yarn, string, fabric.

They also are always looking for volunteers to assist with fundraisers and events.

Thank you to anyone who donates and most importantly big Thank you to Aly & Izy Foundation.

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