(My first blog post ever! )

Once I became a mom I thought alright cool, I’m part of the club of motherhood now, right?! Wrong! You would think moms would be more supportive of each other, but often times I find other mothers are the ones who tend to make nasty comments and judgments of other moms. That’s my main reason for starting this blog, everyone assumes they think they know how teen moms are because they watched 16 & pregnant or Teen Mom on MTV, and that is not the case a majority of the time. Bad parents exist everywhere regardless of age or race.

I know if you’re a friend of mine reading this you’ve probably already heard me bitch about the above statement. Sorry. I just really want everyone who comes across this blog to know that.

I hope that if you’re a young mom like me that my blog helps you to find the humor and beauty in young motherhood, and to know that you are NOT alone in the struggles of teen pregnancy and teen parenting. This is my version of Teen Mom THEY DON’T SHOW ON TV.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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