One year ago today at 2:47 A.M you entered into this world. You’re a stubborn child. You went two days past your due date (I was so anxious and impatient for your arrival. I endured 12 long hours of back labor with you. Thankfully I was able to get you out in three pushes.

As soon as you entered the world, and I heard you cry I cried. I was so relieved when the nurses finally put you in my arms. Once I held you in my arms, and I whispered in your ear “mommy’s here it’s okay” you stopped crying instantly. I fell so in love with you. Time stood still in that moment for me.

I will always be honest with you and tell you the truth.

You weren’t a planned pregnancy. Your father had given up on the idea of becoming a dad, and I didn’t want to have another child. We were both a little taken back when we found out I was expecting you. I believe everything happens for a reason, and you happened for a reason.

The best things in life are unexpected.

You gave us a lot of scares along the way throughout my pregnancy with you.

We spent my 20th birthday in the hospital with you because I had severe morningΒ all day sickness with you.

Despite the sickness you caused me during my pregnancy I was still happy to have you growing inside of me.

Pregnancy is the best excuse for feeling like crap.

welcome nolan

We were so overwhelmed with joy when you finally came into this world.

You had jaundice really bad. We had to take a biliblanket home. You looked like a little glow worm.β™₯

At one month old…

You started rolling from tummy to back.

You started being able to hold yourself up.

You would smile in your sleep a lot πŸ™‚ I’ve got tons of photos of it!

I’ve got tons of usies. One day you’ll understand why I took so many photos of us…

At two months old…

You got your first set of vaccines.
You cried. A lot.

Mommy and daddy were there though. As soon as you got your shots mommy nursed you. Boobie always made you feel better. Thank you for cooperating with me. Breastfeeding is a team effort between mom and baby. I’m so happy that I was able to breastfeed you. I’m thankful for that special bonding time.

At three months old…

I heard you laugh for the very first time. Your silly dad discovered your tickle spots πŸ™‚

We bought you your very first walker, and you loved it!

We took you to your very first pumpkin patch trip. Actually we took you to two different pumpkin patches πŸ˜€

At four months old…

You started figuring out how to squirm your way out of everything you could.

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving!

We set up the Christmas tree early and took a bazillion photos of you!

At five months old…

You really started figuring out how to wiggle your way out of things.

I couldn’t leave you in your bouncer, high chair, or shopping cart alone for a second because you always found a way to get out.

The photo above I snapped it because I knew I would never forget that moment. I left you in your bouncer to go switch the laundry (wasn’t even gone for more than 30 seconds), and when I came back in the room you were completely out of your bouncer just chilling on the floor.

You celebrated your first Christmas!!!

You went to the snow for the first time…that was fun.

At six months old…

You started sitting up by yourself without any support.

You got your first tooth.

At seven months old…

You fell in love with the park especially the swing.

You got your FIRST HAIRCUT! You were born with a crazy amount of hair and we finally decided to trim it!

You LOVED to get into everything. We had to childproof as much as the house as we could.

You started crawling and almost as soon as you started crawling you learned how to stand yourself up using anything you could.

At eight months old…

You started using your sit to stand v-tech walker and began walking around with it everywhere!

You had a total of five teeth by now.

You truly are a joy my son. Your smile just brightens up my whole day.

At nine months old…

Oh boy. That’s when the real fun with you started.

That’s when you learned TO WALK!

How crazy is that? I still can’t believe it.

At ten months old…

You got a second haircut! Yes, you have a lot of hair, and it grows like crazy.

You became bold and daring.

You experienced swimming for the first time.

At eleven months…

You started to become more independent.

You started to get even more bolder and daring with your shenanigans. I have a bazillion pictures and videos to prove it!

You made this face every time I would yell at you and say, “Eso no se hace.”

And today…

Today my sweet little boy you are a year old. I’m trying hard to fight back the tears because my baby is well no longer a baby. I now find myself saying my son is one year old.

I know you won’t ever remember any of this…but I will.

I will forever remember. I remember when I was pregnant with you how uncomfortable it was. I remember vomiting almost every day of my pregnancy with you. I know I complained a lot during my pregnancy with you which I regret because I know what a miracle it truly is to be able to carry a life inside of you is. I remember the excruciating pain of labor like it was yesterday. I remember the first time I held you in my arms and looked into your eyes. I was so in awe and amazed by you. All the pain and agony of labor made it worth it. You were so worth it.

You have been the most wonderful and amazing baby boy. I have watched you blossom into an awesome little guy. The past year I have enjoyed watching your grow and learn new things. I’ve even enjoyed your crazy little shenanigans, and I know there are plenty more to come as you get older…

You don’t realize it now because you’re so young, but time flies. That’s why I have cherished every moment, every laugh, every giggle, and even every cry that you have shared with me. I hope to share many more years (tons and tons of years) of laughter’s and cries with you.

Before you were born I dreamed of you. I imagined you. And now that you’re here I hope for you. I love you, and I am thankful for you. I am so proud to be your mother. Β Te amo mi amor chiquito. Forever and ever.

Happy Birthday son.

-XO your mommy

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