I’ve actually had this post sitting in my drafts since June of last year! Can you believe that?! You would think it would be easy to give a play by play on how my day goes, but the truth is it’s not. Every time I got the chance to blog I ended up working on other posts I had drafted. My days also vary day to day due to David’s schedule. I’m not always home alone with the kids and about half the time we go with David to work, so this post is strictly going to be how my day is when it’s just me and the kids at home (no daddy around).

6:30 A.M- Wake up sleepy head. The first thing I do is—yes, check my phone in bed. Troll Instagram, Twitter, and watch a few Snapchat stories.

6:35 A.M- Brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair with the quickness.

6:40 A.M- Go to the living room and sit on couch with my laptop. I check my blog for comments, personal emails, and business emails. Update anything that needs to be updated on my blog. Work on some pre-drafted posts.

7:00 A.M- By this time I hear the kids banging on the door, so I shut my laptop and get the kids out of their bedroom. I then proceed to make grab a couple of yoplait minions yogurts and two bananas to feed the kiddos. Yogurt with banana is their current favorite which I’m thrilled about because it makes my morning slightly easier.

Sometimes I don’t hear them banging on the door, so I’ll check our Ezviz mini camera to see if the kids are awake.

ezviz camera

7:15 A.M- While the kids are eating breakfast I begin to gather all the dirty laundry to put it into the washer. I walk back into the kitchen to seen Nolan is making an absolute disaster of his yogurt despite knowing how to use a spoon and having a bib.

7:25 A.M- I take all my vitamins (prenatal, fish oil, calcium, magnesium, zinc, B12, COQ10). For breakfast I like to eat either a Chobani flip yogurt, or a plain Vanilla Chobani yogurt with oats and a banana.

7:40 A.M- Clean up kitchen. Clean up kids. Get kids dressed for the day.

7:50 A.M- Get myself dressed (this means throw on a pair of yoga pants, rock a mom bun, and sans makeup). Unless I have something special particularly planned I usually just bum it. I don’t like to get dressed up just to run errands.

NOTE: I always like to schedule mine and the kids appointments between 8:00 A.M-8:30 A.M, so if there’s any appointments I have to take the kids to we’ll do that. In that case I’ll usually wake up 10-15 minutes earlier.

8:00 A.M- Head to Target or Nugget Market depending on my mood. I love to go grocery shopping first thing early morning because it’s less crowded and you get first dibs on any deals going on.

8:10 A.M- If we’re at Target I check my cartwheel app and add anything I see on there that I know I’m going to purchase. I might grab a Starbucks from inside the Target or a coffee from the Cafe inside the Nugget. I’m trying to be better about not drinking so much coffee.

8:15 A.M- Trolling Target or Nugget with the kids. Nolan always fights me on sitting inside the cart, so I have no choice but to put the kids in one of those huge grocery carts made for kids. (You know the ones that make it almost impossible to turn without hitting something; the ones that you can barely navigate through the aisles with).

At Nugget!
At Nugget!

9:00 A.M- Done grocery shopping head back home.

9:10 A.M- Unload kids and groceries. Switch laundry from washer to dryer.

9:25 A.M- I like to workout 2-3 times a week, so this is the time I work out. I will do a whole separate post in detail about my workout routine and diet.

I’m not a gym person, and we don’t really have an extra room in the house left to make a gym, so I like to workout in the front yard while I let my kids play.

On the days I DON’T workout if it’s nice out I’ll take the kids to the park or we’ll go to Fairytale Town. If it’s raining we’ll go to bouncetown or Ikea.

Breakfast at Ikea!
Breakfast at Ikea!
At Fairytale Town!
At Fairytale Town!

11:30 A.M- We’re either back home now or I’m done working out and have washed up real quick. I then get started on lunch.

12:00 P.M- Eat lunch! I typically eat a salad with either grilled shrimp or chicken. I usually make mac n cheese, sandwiches, spaghetti, or grilled chicken with veggies for kids.


12:40 P.M- Sometimes Nolan falls asleep in his high chair while eating. 😀 I’ll clean up the kitchen (load dishwasher) and get Neveah in her room for a big girl nap, and then clean Nolan up and get him out of the high chair. If he fell asleep in the high chair I’ll let him lay on me. If not I’ll sometimes put him in the room with Neveah, or I’ll sit on the couch with him until he falls asleep.

1:00 P.M- Both the kids are asleep by now! If I’m stuck with Nolan I’ll just sit and chill usually check my blog again, and work on some more posts.

2:00 P.M- Kids are awake and energetic. I’ll unload the dishes from the dishwasher and put them away while the kids are in their room playing. I’ll take the laundry out of the dryer and start folding and putting everything away.

2:45 P.M- We do some sort of activity like coloring, crafting, or if it’s nice out we play in the front yard with chalk and bubbles. Occasionally we go out to feed the ducks by the lake near our house.

Feeding the ducks! Neveah rode her bike while I pushed Nolan in the stroller.
Feeding the ducks! Neveah rode her bike while I pushed Nolan in the stroller.

NOTE: Nolan is not yet potty trained so between all this I still change diapers. 😮 He usually goes through about 5-6 diapers a day. We will begin potty training once he turns 2!

3:45 P.M- We have a snack. I like to make smoothies, frozen popsicles for kids, or I cut up some fruit with some salt, lemon, and chile (if you’re mexican you know ;)).

4:05 P.M- Neveah and Nolan go on to play inside their room or in the playroom. I finish putting away the second load of laundry that was in the dryer.

4:45 P.M- I tidy up the house. I have the kids pick up all their toys that they have scattered around the house. I vacuum and take out the garbage.

5:00 P.M– Either I start on dinner if I’m feeling fine (I suffer from chronic migraines so it’s a struggle for me when I do have a migraine to do my day to day activities), or I call David and he brings home dinner. 🙂

The kids and I watch Netflix. Their current favorite is Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated.

5:45 P.M- Daddy’s home! I wish you guys could see Nolan’s face of excitement when he sees his daddy walk through the door. David unloads his car and we eat dinner.

6:30 P.M- We finish eating, and then clean up. David usually cleans the kitchen while I clean the kids up.

I like to a.) take a shower with the kids or b.) take the kids a bath then I will take a shower. It just depends on how I’m feeling.

7:10 P.M- We let the kids play for another 20-30 minutes, then we do clean up time. Yes, again we pick up any toys that may be scattered around the house.

7:40 P.M- Read a bedtime story. Currently we like to read: Peek-a-Boo I love you, Goodnight Moon, and Go Dogs Go.

Reading GoodNight Moon ❤
Reading GoodNight Moon ❤

7:50 P.M- Neveah goes down to bed without a fight, Nolan on the other hand doesn’t fall asleep unless he has his daddy. David will usually lay with him on the couch or bed until Nolan falls asleep then he’ll put Nolan in the room with Neveah.


8:30 P.M- KIDS ARE DOWN! Where did the day go?! I’ll eat a kit kit because hell yea I don’t have to share my candy with my kids. 😀

David and I will talk and cuddle watch some TV, but usually by 9:30 P.M we’re in bed asleep. Sometimes if I’m not too tired I’ll work on my blog for a little like I am right now.

It’s Sunday night, and I’m writing furiously because I’m tired. I also feel really bad that I didn’t get any blog posts up last week due to some health issues. I always have a couple of drafted posts in advance in case that happens, but I have depleted all of my drafted posts. This one is the only one I had left, and it was only 1/8 of the way done. My website is also currently undergoing DNS Propagation. I recently upgraded from a shared hosting to a VPS server, so I do aplogize if any of you had trouble accessing my site in the past few days.

Please bear with me I promise this change is going to help provide an overall faster and friendlier user experience.

AND that’s how my day typically goes when it’s just me and my kids. I know it’s nothing exciting really. It’s actually quite boring, but I love being able to stay at home with my babies.

I got so many requests from moms asking me how I balance my day, and really it’s not too hard. At first when you go from having one kid to two kids it can be a bit hectic, but eventually you fall into a routine or schedule, you get comfortable, and you develop super multi-tasking mama skills! It also gets a lot easier as the kids gets older. 🙂

You can add me on snapchat if you want to see more of my super duper exciting day as a stay at home mom who enjoys going to Target in her yoga pants to grab a Starbucks and then troll Target with her coupons in hand while pushing one of those big ass shopping carts designed for kids, but impossible to push for adults.

*Photos taken with my iphone within the past 3 months! Sorry if the quality is meh*

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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