My 21st birthday was fabulous. It’s wierd to think that I’m only 21 because sometimes I feel soooo much more older than that. Often I feel as though I’m living the life of a thirty something year old with two kids. That’s why it felt great to get away from my kids for a bit. I actually got to remember about myself! Sometimes I feel like my identity gets lost in mommyhood, and I’m just “mommy”. I tend to forget about Vivian the human being. Sometimes it’s good to get away and take sometime to yourself. It felt awesome not to hear the constant chatter of children in the background, I did not have to share my food with anyone (I ate like a piggy all weekend), and drink an abundant amount of wine until I puked! 😀

I took so many pictures and I didn’t want to spam Instagram ( I HATE people who post a million pictures a day; so annoying). Anyways I’m using my blog to post some pictures from my birthday (lot’s of amateur photos and selfies), so feel free to not read this if you really don’t care.

Originally I wanted to go to Vegas, but I quickly changed my mind because I didn’t want to be too far from my children. I love that Napa is close to Sacramento. It only took us an hour and 15 minutes to get to the Silverado Resort and Spa. Bae gave me the best surprise ever, and told me he BOUGHT US A HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!  Unfortunately no hot air balloon rides were taking place due to the rain 🙁 We have a whole year to reschedule, so we might for New Years or we might just wait until the Spring. Mother nature will tell. (UPDATE: you can click here to read about our hot air balloon adventure on 2015 New Years Day)

We left early morning on the day of my birthday (December 3) and went straight to the spa because we had massages scheduled right at noon.

PicMonkey Collage 2
My massage was MUCH NEEDED.

I enjoyed the sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi .

I wish I would’ve taken more pics of the actual spa because it was amaze!

Every mommy needs a spa day; I felt so refreshed and recharged.

After the spa we got ready and decided to go wine tasting.

We only got to hit two winery’s (Judd Hill and Luna) because by the time we finished with the spa and getting ready it was already 4 p.m.

There’s over 600 winery’s in Wine Country. I wasn’t expecting to hit anymore than 3 winery’s. I’m actually kind of glad we only made it to two because by the time we were done tasting I was buzzing. I’m a light weight.

I can’t wait to go back to Napa. Next time I want to go see the castle and wine taste at Castello di Amorosa and I want to go see the caves at Del Dotto winery.

After wine tasting we went back to the spa instead of our actual hotel room since we had full access to the spa all day, and I loved their showers and all their amenities.

I showered quickly and did another outfit change for dinner as you can see…

We then went to the downtown area to eat and drink. It wasn’t crazy or anything (it was a weekday after all), but it was fun. We went to 5 or 6 bars (I can’t remember!), and I only got carded once!

Do I really look that old?!

Everyone kept telling me I just looked very mature for my age, which I guess is true.

Being a mother has matured me in some ways.

I actually enjoyed the bars (strangers bought me drinks! yay!) and hanging out with men and women who were significantly older than I.

Seriously, everyone out in the downtown area was a lot older than I, but every conversation I had with the people I met was intellectual. Even though we were slightly drunk 🙂 we talked about things I would never discuss with people my own age because they wouldn’t comprehend.

People my age drink, get stupid and do stupid things that I just can’t tolerate and don’t understand.

I’m not about that.

If that’s you though that’s cool.

I get it your young and reckless and just want to have fun.

To each their own.

I like to drink to have a chill time and not act like a wild animal. 

I did drink too much, though. I mixed my drinks, and I got sick. That’s apart of life. It’s like the thing to do on your 21st birthday though, right?

Bae even drank too much. We both were toilet hugging the next morning. I had the worst headache ever.

I’m just now starting to feel better!

It was an AMAZING 21st birthday and I’ll never forget it.

Thank you Bae.♥

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