I love being a mom don’t get me wrong, but my children have turned simple every day tasks into difficult to achieve and accomplish tasks. I love both my kids to death, but some days they drive me crazy. I now realize the simplest things that I never even thought twice about before having kids are now considered my mommy luxury’s, and I totally took these things for granted.

1.) My Privacy

Your kids will follow you everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Just when you think they’re out of sight they’ll creep up on you out of the corner.

Mommy’s going to the bathroom, so we must follow her. Both my children do this often.

Neveah: “Mommy where you going?”

Me: “Bathroom.”

Neveah: “Can I come?”

Me: “NO!”

Neveah: “Okay.” Hehe. 

I close the door. She’s still standing there chattering away. Can I fucking shit in peace for once in my life?!

Neveah: “Mommy, mommy, mommy! Whatcha doing?”

Me: “I’m going to the bathroom Neveah leave me alone!”

Neveah: Hehe. 

No privacy ever with these kids.


Even while I was typing this post I took a break to the bathroom, and Nolan crawled his way on up. He pushed the door wide open (damn I should’ve locked it). He then came and just stood right next to the toilet where I was sitting, and he just stared at me. Seriously Nolan.

2.) Talking on the phone

It’s like kids know that you’re on the phone trying to have an adult conversation, and they want to ruin it. Neveah does it all the time to Bae. His phone rings, and it’s a client, so he has to answer. Almost immediately Neveah starts chattering and singing. God forbid Bae tells her to ssshhh. All hell breaks loose with her. She starts crying and yelling “Dave so mean!” Making it even more difficult for him to talk on the phone.

Poor Bae there’s been times where he literally walks out of the house to the front yard just to talk on the phone.

I rarely make phone calls now, and rarely do my friends call me because they already know.


3.) Being able to hang out with friends whenever

It was nice before children to just call up your friend or have your friend call up you, and you could easily make plans to grab lunch or go to movie. No problem.

Now…those days are gone.

I have not one but two kids to haul ass around with.

4.) Going out with Bae on a whim

We can’t just say oh let’s grab late dinner tonight or let’s go do this without having to make plans for the children.

To be honest even before Nolan I had Neveah, and I had to make arrangements for her, so we really don’t know what that’s like in our relationship.

I know what is was like before having Neveah though. If I wanted to go out with my boyfriend I could just go. No hassle with trying to find a baby sitter. Bae knows what it’s like because he was married for a long time with no children.

We have to plan everything now that we have kids. If we want a date night we have to call our parents or find a sitter, and I have to make sure I have milk pumped. It’s a big ordeal to just go out for a few hours. I can’t wait until the kids are older and we get that chance to just be able to go out freely. Just us two. No hassles and no worries.

5.) Running Errands

I used to just take my time running errands. I would never rush.


I’m on a mission when I’m in the grocery store. Avoid toy aisle, avoid candy aisles, distract the kids, so we don’ have a tantrum breakdown. Get in and get out as quickly as possible.

God have mercy if Bae’s not with me, and the grocery store I’m going to doesn’t have more than one place to seat the kid in the cart.


It’s like an adventure every time you step of of the house with the kids to run errands.


6.) Shopping at the mall

I rarely shop at the mall now.

I don’t even bother attempting to take both kids with me to shop. We’ve tried it before and it was a disaster. Not to mention some stores make it really hard to navigate through with a stroller. If you have a baby wrap on you can’t really try on clothes either.

I really really miss shopping at the mall. I miss you Galleria Mall in Roseville you used to be bae.

I used to spend hours browsing through the stores and trying on every outfit possible. Those days are long gone.

Nowadays it’s online shopping or Target. Target has some cute clothes don’t get me wrong, but it’d be nice to go to an actual mall for once. I feel like the only reason I really even go to Target is because I can buy my diapers and grocery’s there as well. Get it all done in one trip!

7.) Personal upkeep

B.C (Before Children)

I could…

I could literally spend hours on my makeup experimenting with different makeup looks.

I could get my nails done. I could get really super cute designs, bows, and they could be really stiletto. I wouldn’t have to worry about poop getting caught or poking my sons eye out.

I could take a long and I mean long like 3 hours long hot shower. No cuts on these legs. I could take my sweet ass time shaving every part of my body.

I could also take the longest bath in the world!

I could take my time on my hair.

I could go and get my hair done.

I could have long hair. I miss my long hair so much!

I could take my time choosing an outfit.

I could wear necklaces and hoop earrings!

I could wear my nice $80 Victoria’s Secret bras.


I have like 10 minutes or less go do my makeup.

I am a master pro at getting ready with one hand!

Screw my nails. They’re short and rarely painted because the nail polish chips quickly anyways.(see photo above). I’m actually kid of embarrassed of my nails. I’m in desperate need of a mani and pedi!

I  get showers still. Not as long. Not as hot, and once in awhile a lot of the time actually Neveah and Nolan join me.

The other day I was trying to shave while Nolan was asleep in the crib and he woke up, so right now one leg is shaved and the other one is hairy. Forgive me.

My roots are growing out—really bad.

I have short hair. I hate short hair. Then again it’s easily manageable, so I guess I like it. Nolan doesn’t pull my hair as much anymore that’s like the only plus.

I just throw on whatever clothes I can find in my closet that looks decently cute, and not worn or spit up on.

I don’t wear jewelry other than stud earrings because I’m nursing, and Nolan is so grabby with his hands.

I have like four nursing bras that I rotate throughout the week. Goodbye sexy bras and panties.

I definitely took for granted my me time.

8.) Having nice things and having a clean and organized house


You can’t have a clean and organized house with kids. You just can’t.

We have maids that come and do a full thorough clean up of the house about once a month. The house looks fabulous for like not even a day thanks to the kids.

I love having things clean and organized. I’m borderline OCD, so it drives me nuts to see that there’s toys every where and food crumbs all over the kitchen table, but that’s life with kids. You learn that not everything can be perfect.

You can’t have anything nice either. They’ll trash it, spit on it,  or poop on it. Forget having a nice luxury car, or a nice new shirt, or a fancy watch. You just can’t with small children. You also CANNOT have anything white.

9.) Sleeping in and sick days

I can’t even remember when the last time was that I actually slept in.

I want like a whole day to just sleep please! I really took sleeping in for granted. I miss my precious sleep.

I also want a sick day! I was actually really sick this whole past week that’s why I haven’t been writing normally I’m writing a post every other day or two, but I got the flu bug. I wish I could tell my kids, “Hey mommy needs a sick day take care of yourselves k!”

10.) Eating warm food and NOT having to share

Now that Nolan is starting to eat solids I share my food with him AND Neveah.

I would like a whole meal to myself. A meal that I don’t have to share with my kids. A nice warm hot meal because sometimes my meal gets cold before I even get a chance to eat because I was busy feeding the kids first.

I have a stash of Kit-Kat bars in the freezer I only take them out and eat them when Neveah’s not in sight, when shes in bed at night, or I say fuck it and just go sneak it in the closet and indulge in my Kit-Kat bar there. I want to not have to hide from my children when I eat a candy bar. Seriously.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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