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It’s been almost three years since I first purchased the domain I could’ve taken all sorts of different approaches with this blog. I could’ve made … Continue Reading

Today I was able to check into a trailer provided by Aly & Izy Foundation specifically for NICU families to stay in. I was extremely excited a few days ago to find out from my social worker that I was next on the waiting list. For those of you who don’t know what Aly & … Continue Reading

Back in March I decided I would try dermal fillers at Destination Aesthetics in Sacramento, CA. I have always been pretty against fillers. Every time I hear the word “fillers” I picture an old lady in a desperate attempt to look youthful, but instead ends up looking like a caricature of her former self. Or … Continue Reading

There are many tips for increasing milk supply, but keep in mind different methods work differently for everyone. Finding tips for increasing your milk supply can be essential when you want your becoming discouraged due to low production and only want your baby to have the best of the best, yours. There are many reasons … Continue Reading

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